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Hate U Love U - ShiHan Sideshot

Title: Hate U Love U - ShiHan Pullout
Rating: ***NC-17***
Pairing: ShiHan
Notes: This is what happened with Siwon and Hankyung during and after the party. It can be read as a oneshot, or along with Hate U Love U.
I hope you all enjoy. ^^ And I hope the smut didn't fail! Whee~

Hate U Love U: Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4
Nc-17 Pullouts: Jaeho

The sexual tension between Hankyung and Siwon was intense. Neither of them wanted to acknowledge it, so they didn't, but it was making things very awkward. They would find themselves alternatively avoiding one another, and migrating toward one another.

Hankyung attempted to bring it up with Siwon a few times, but Siwon always looked so horrified that Hankyung would quickly change the subject. The last thing he wanted to do was loose his best friend, and he knew Siwon's feelings about homosexuality already.


At the party, Hankyung drank a lot more than he normally would have, and it ended up being pretty easy for him to convince Siwon to drink some as well.

"Siwon," Hankyung murmured, slurring in mixed Korean and Chinese, "I might be a little bit drunk."

Siwon put an arm around Hankyung's shoulder, holding up the other as he slumped down with a silly grin on his face. "You're very drunk," he replied with a soft smile, "It's okay, I'll take care of you."

"I hope so..."

Hankyung's face was too close to Siwon's, and for a moment, Siwon was tempted to lean forward, instead of pull away, and that happened to be the moment that Kibum walked up to them. "Having fun?"

Siwon jerked away from Hankyung and looked up at Kibum guiltily. Hankyung just giggled. "Kibummie..." and then he started to ramble in incoherent Chinese.

"Did I interrupt something?" Kibum asked with a small, knowing smile. Siwon shook his head, his eyebrows contracting suspiciously. "I'm just taking care of Hyung. He's really drunk."

"Mhm," Kibum replied, "Well I think we'll be leaving soon. You should get him to drink some water in the meantime. I'll bring you some."

Siwon murmured his thanks as he readjusted his arm around Hankyung.


By the time they got home, Hankyung was almost asleep in Siwon's arms. "Come on, Hyung," Siwon said, nudging his friend awake, "Let's get you into bed."

Hankyung threw his arms around Siwon's neck with a laugh. "Come to bed with me, Siwonnie-won."

Siwon did his best to ignore the drunken laughter coming from several of his bandmates as he dragged Hankyung towards an empty bedroom.

He finally got Hankyung inside, shut the door, and laid his hyung down on the bed. "There," Siwon said, putting a pillow under Hankyung's head, "Now you can sleep. You'll be okay in the morning."

Hankyung groaned, reaching out for Siwon. He grabbed the other's shirt and yanked him towards the bed. Siwon stumbled, and just barely caught himself on the edge of the bed, but the other persisted pulling on Siwon's shirt. "I want to see your chocolate," he giggled, tugging up Siwon's shirt, revealing a set of very toned abs.

"Wha- no!" Siwon exclaimed, pulling away, "What are you doing?"

Hankyung struggled to sit up. "Come here, Siwonnie." He was practically whining by this time, and Siwon sighed as he sat down at the edge of the bed. Hankyung immediately yanked up Siwon's shirt and leaned in, examining his abs with a huge smile.

"What are you doing, hyung?" Siwon asked, a little exasperated. This was even more like babysitting than when Siwon had to deal with Heechul.

Hankyung moved towards Siwon as he slid a hand along the other's chest, and leaned in, closer and closer to Siwon's face, and Siwon's eyebrows rose as he leaned away. Hankyung's proximity was making him feel weird, and it scared him.

"This is wrong," Siwon whispered, clearly unsure.

Hankyung shook his head, leaning in even closer, and looked into Siwon's eyes. "Can you honestly tell me that you have no feelings for me?"

Siwon was even more surprised, and he stared at Hankyung, silent, not wanting to lie, but not wanting to admit that which he had been trying to hide for so long.

Hankyung paused before speaking again. "There's nothing wrong with me showing you how much I love you."

At that, Siwon really stared. "Wh...wh-what?"

Hankyung covered his mouth with his hand, looking absolutely horrified. "Tomorrow I am going to be so mad at myself for saying that!"

"This is a mistake, Hankyung," Siwon said, more firmly, "It's just the alcohol, you aren't thinking right..."

Hankyung just shook his head, still trying to get closer to Siwon, "I can't believe I told you... but it is true. I love Siwonnie!" And then he laughed drunkenly before draping himself over Siwon, and surprising the other with a sloppy kiss.

Siwon tried to push him off, but Hankyung gripped Siwon's shirt tightly, and didn't move until he was out of breath. "You want me... I know you do," he whispered, pushing the younger down and straddling him. And Siwon knew it was stupid to deny the fact that he wanted his hyung, his body was making it more than obvious.

Hankyung took Siwon's silence as assent and grinned happily before kissing him again. This time, Siwon kissed back, swirling his tongue against Hankyung's, and Hankyung took advantage of his dongsaeng's distraction to pull him further onto the bed and to slide his hands under his shirt, and quickly pulled back to tug it off.

"W-wait," Siwon panted, but Hankyung just kissed him again, and kept kissing him until Siwon stopped trying to say anything at all.

Hankyung kissed his way down Siwon's chest as the later panted and moaned softly, pausing occassionally to give partiular locations special care and attention, and left dark marks as he went. He paused when his lips reached Siwon's abs, humming in appreciation. "These must have been so much work," he mumbled, licking and kissing along them.

Siwon noded a little, speechless and breathless and uncomfortable with the whole situation. But it was obvious to Hankyung that Siwon wanted more, and Siwon knew they'd come too far to turn back now.

Hankyung slowly undid Siwon's pants, and Siwon lifted his hips, sliding them, and his underwear down his legs. Hankyung looked hungrily at Siwon's hard, poised length, before leaning down to lick a drop of precum off the tip.

Siwon struggled to breath, struggled to keep quiet as he watched his hyung lick slowly along the underside of his erection. Finally, Siwon decided he'd had enough of Hankyung's teasing and flipped him over, pressing him down on the bed with a growl.

Hankyung's look of surprise was quickly replaced by one of bliss as Siwon ground his hips down against Hankyung's. "I don't know what I’m doing," he whispered, closing his eyes as he continued to rub his erection against the elder's.

"It's okay," Hankyung moaned, "it's good, don't stop."

“But…” Siwon swallowed a moan, “We don’t have… I mean, don’t we need…”

Hankyung shook his head, working to strip the two of thier clothing before scraping his nails down his dongsaeng’s back as he rolled his hips sharply, then wrapped a leg around Siwon, trying to draw him closer.


Hankyung kissed Siwon, silencing him, then sucked on his fingers before preparing himself. Siwon finally pushed Hankyung’s hand away and finished himself, thoroughly stretching the other, as he whimpered quietly.

Finally, they were ready, and Siwon wasted no time in pushing himself into Hankyung’s waiting entrance.

It was awkward at times, silly and sloppy, and it took a few minutes before the two found a rhythm that felt good. But damn, did it feel good when they did.

Hankyung was loud, gasping and moaning Siwon’s name, encouraging him, begging him for more. Siwon was silent, apart from soft gasps and groans. It was amazing, it felt incredible, and he kept pounding into Hankyung, aiming for that spot that made his hyung feel so good.

Hankyung fisted his erection, stroking furiously, and it wasn’t long before he tensed up and released. The feeling of Hankyung’s ass tensing around his erection and the warm cum coating his chest was too much to stand, and it threw Siwon over the edge. He came hard, gasping, and he had to bite Hankyung’s shoulder to keep from crying out.

Siwon fought to steady his breathing, fought to even breath at all after what had happened. He slowly pulled away from Hankyung and laid down, pulling his hyung into his arms.

“There's no way God would condemn someone for love,” Hankyung whispered against Siwon’s shoulder, and Siwon could only nod, still breathless from what had just happened.

“Love…” he whispered, a few minutes later.

“Love,” Hankyung repeated firmly.
Tags: !super junior, chap fic: hulu, length: one-shot, pairing: hankyung x siwon, rating: nc-17

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