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Hate U Love U [3/?]

Title: Hate U Love U
Part: 3 of ?
Rating: PG-13 (for language) (There may be NC-17 parts later, but they will be pullouts)
Pairing: Yehwook, Kyuwook, Yoowook (I swear Ryeo is not a ho ToT), KangTeuk, YehHyuk
Notes: I know I just updated. I got inspired, what can I say? XD And... if there are any errors, I'll catch them tommorow. I was too tired to read this over.
Credit: Lyrics are translated by Cho and aheeyah.com
Part 1 | Part 2

Nothing has changed, I'm by myself

“Heechul, your hair is fine,” Eunhyuk said, tugging at his arm, “Come on!

Super Junior was headed over to Dong Bang Shin Ki’s place for a party. It was Yoochun’s birthday, and they’d decided to have Super Junior over to celebrate.

Pretty much everyone was looking forward to it. They didn’t get to spend much time with their famous companions these days. And Eunhyuk was understandably extra excited to go spend some time with Junsu, his best friend since forever.

“Hyung, if you don’t like your hair, wear a hat,” Kibum said, glancing at his watch.

“What? The great Kim Heechul doesn’t need to hide his beautiful hair under some stupid hat!”

“That doesn’t even make sense!” Eunhyuk whined.

“What’s wrong with wearing a hat?” Kibum asked, adjusting his.

Ryeowook was waiting by the front door with the majority of the group. He wasn’t particularly looking forward to socializing, but everyone else seemed so excited, he didn’t want to say anything.

“It’s going to be so fun!” Donghae exclaimed, bouncing around the apartment, “I called Yunho and he said they have cake and ice cream and lots of yummy food and alcohol!”

“ICE CREAM?” Sungmin squealed, jumping on Donghae.

Eeteuk walked out, looking frazzled. Rounding up twelve excited boys wasn’t easy.

“Where is Heechul?” He asked, looking around, “And Kibum. And Eunhyuk. And Siwon and Hankyung. And-”

Kangin took one look at Eeteuk’s anxious face and took a deep breath before bellowing, “I’M GOING TO KICK YOUR ASS IF YOU AREN’T WALKING OUT THE DOOR BEFORE THE COUNT OF THREE.”

Within a minute, everyone had left.


The party had started off innocently enough, with everyone reacquainting themselves with everyone else, and getting caught up on everything. But once Junsu and Kangin dragged out the alcohol, things started to go down hill.

Eeteuk was doing his best to talk to Yunho about leader things, and get advice, but it was hard, because Heechul was flirting shamelessly with Yunho, despite the fact that everyone knew Yunho and Jaejoong were a couple. Jaejoong was doing his best to ignore it, as he went around the room, socializing with everyone, but he would occasionally shoot dark, jealous looks at Yunho.

Yoochun was taking birthday shots of soju with anyone who would join him, currently Yesung, Kangin, Shindong, Eunhyuk, and Junsu. Everyone was trying valiantly to get the magnae (Kyuhyun, Ryeowook, and Changmin) to join in, eventually convincing Kyuhyun to try a few.

Siwon and Hankyung were whispering quietly in a corner, and when Kibum approached them, they immediately silenced. Kibum did his best to ignore the faint blush on Hankyung’s cheeks.

Donghae was playing a video game, but he was having a lot of trouble, because he was trying to play one handed, as he devoured a giant bowl of ice cream. Sungmin finally took pity on him and took the bowl to feed him (even though for some reason only about half of the ice cream ever made it to Donghae’s mouth).

“We should play truth or dare!” Junsu suddenly announced, launching up from beside Yoochun, “Who wants to???”

No one really seemed that interested. “No one wants to play that,” Eunhyuk laughed, shoving another shot at Junsu, “Maybe after some more alcohol.”

“You’re just chicken,” Junsu replied. “I dare you,” he continued, “I double-- No! Triple dare you. To…” He glanced around, before grinning, “To go give Yesung a nice, long kiss. Are you a man or not, Lee Hyukjae?”

Eunhyuk frowned. “I didn’t say I was playing.”

“So you are chicken.” Junsu laughed. “I should have known.”

Eunhyuk sighed, standing up. He could never refuse a bet, and Junsu knew it. That brat. “Fine. But I’ll get you for this, Kim Junsu.” He walked over to Yesung, who had his back to the younger man, and hesitated before tapping him on the shoulder.

Yesung looked over his shoulder, turning his attention from where he had been conversing with Jaejoong, and raised an eyebrow at Eunhyuk’s drunken, embarrassed grin. “Can I help you?”

Eunhyuk nodded, and reached for Yesung’s arm, pulling him around to kiss him hard on the lips.

Yesung jerked in surprise, but didn’t pull away, drunk also, and eventually parted his lips, allowing Eunhyuk to deepen the kiss.

Junsu burst into hysterical laughter, which Jaejoong and several other people who were standing around eventually joined in on.

“You’re so gay!” Junsu laughed, smacking Eunhyuk on the back.

“Shut up,” Eunhyuk pulled away from Yesung to glare at his friend.

“Ignore him,” Yesung said, pushing Eunhyuk against a wall to kiss some more.

“Wh- what?” Eunhyuk stuttered, “Why-”

“Shut up.”


Truth or Dare continued on, mostly uneventfully, until Yunho got dared to do something somewhat obscene with a broom.

That was when Jaejoong had had enough, and he dragged Yunho away from the group, explaining that they’d had a long night, and Yunho wasn’t feeling well. Yunho didn’t try to argue once he saw the look on his boyfriend’s face.

Shindong wandered off, bored, and joined Donghae and Sungmin with the video games. He chuckled from where he was sitting on the couch, sipping a beer. “Doesn’t this remind you of one of those horrible stories our fans write about us where we all get together and get drunk and… you know?”

Sungmin looked at Shindong blankly. “What are you talking about?”

“You know,” Shindong laughed, “Where we all fuck each other?”

"You READ those??" Donghae exclaimed, shocked.

Sungmin just looked horrified at Shindong's language, or maybe at what it meant.

“I was just curious about how they wrote me!” Shindong exclaimed, laughing.

“Ewwwwww,” Donghae said, “I wouldn’t want to know!!!!”


Ryeowook walked out of the bathroom and froze.

Yesung was across the room, and he had Eunhyuk pressed against a wall, and was totally making out with him.


Ryeowook gaped at his hyungs, completely caught off guard. Was Yesung gay?

He retreated after a moment, not wanting anyone to see his confusion, and half ran into the kitchen to hide.

A little while later, Yoochun walked in to get something and paused, seeing Ryeowook sitting alone at the kitchen table.

“What are you doing in here alone?” Yoochun asked, walking over and sitting across from Ryeowook, who frantically wiped at a tear that had been threatening to fall from his eye.

“Um… I’m just…” Ryeowook shrugged a little.

Yoochun smiled at the younger man. “Can I keep you company?”

“It’s your party, shouldn’t you be out there having fun?” Ryeowook asked, unsure.

“I am,” Yoochun teased. “And I want everyone else to be too.” He got up and walked over to the counter, before returning and handing Ryeowook an almost full glass of something dark. “Drink this, it will help.”

Ryeowook nodded a little, examining the liquid in the glass before cautiously lifting it to his lips. The alcohol burned going down, but after he’d drank most of it, Ryeowook had to admit that he was feeling less upset.

“I’ll get you another one,” Yoochun said, standing up.


Ryeowook giggled as Yoochun murmured into his ear, too drunk to really know what the other was saying. He was feeling giddy from the alcohol, and hot from Yoochun’s proximity and the hand running up and down his leg.

At some point, Yoochun had moved his chair so that he was sitting beside Ryeowook. He was enjoying the way Ryeowook laughed, and the way he blushed when Yoochun slid his hand along his thigh.

“I think I’m drunk,” Ryeowook said, his voice sounding strange to his ears.

“If you only think you’re drunk, then maybe you need another glass,” Yoochun laughed, “I know I am.”


It was time to leave, and Eeteuk was doing his best to round up everyone so that they could go home. “Where is Ryeowook?” He asked, looking around, “…Yesung, can you look for him?”

Yesung nodded, passing off a half-unconscious Eunhyuk, before going to look.

When he walked into the kitchen, he found Ryeowook draped over Yoochun, giggling drunkenly at something Yoochun had just said.

“Ryeowook,” Yesung stared, walking over and pulling Ryeowook to his feet, “You’re drunk. You shouldn’t drink.”

“You shouldn… shouldn’t kiss boys,” Ryeowook slurred, putting his arms around Yesung.

“…He kissed me,” Yesung responded softly.

Yoochun stood up. “It’s my fault, tell Eeteuk-hyung I’m sorry.”

Yesung nodded, helping Ryeowook out, and Yoochun followed, smiling to himself.
Tags: !dbsk, !super junior, chap fic: hulu, crossover: yoochun x ryeowook, length: chaptered, pairing: eeteuk x kangin, pairing: ryeowook x kyuhyun, pairing: yesung x eunhyuk, pairing: yesung x ryeowook, rating: pg-13

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