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Hate U Love U [1/?]

Title: Hate U Love U
Part: 1 of ?
Rating: PG for now (There may be NC-17 parts later, but they will be pullouts ^^)
Pairing: kind of YehWook, implied KangTeuk (Will be many more later.)
Notes: I have a lot planned for this fic. There are going to be lots of pairings and things. And DBSK and SS501 crossovers. :3 The intro may not be accurate, because I cannot really remember what happened with Ryeowook joining SM, and I didn't feel like researching it. Sorry~ XD
Credit: Lyrics are translated by Cho and aheeyah.com

My loneliness for you, little by little
Doesn't erase and remains

It was obvious to everyone in Super Junior that Ryeowook was head over heels in love with Yesung. It started that first day when he was introduced to the group as the twelfth and final member of Super Junior ‘05.

It was raining that day, and Super Junior had gotten up at the crack of dawn to go to the SM building for practice. They were to work on their first song, their debut performance. No one knew what SM was planning, since one of their members had had to be removed so early on. Most of the group just wanted to keep Super Junior the way it was, with eleven members, almost all close friends from their trainee days.

None of the new members of Super Junior understood why Ryeowook had been chosen to be an additional member in the group. He hadn’t earned it like everyone else had, and at first his entrance was met with looks of confusion, and in a few cases, thinly veiled discontent. But then Ryeowook opened his mouth, and those first golden notes poured from his throat, and it was obvious why he was added, obvious why he was needed. And it was definitely obvious that talent like that couldn’t go to waste.

Pretty much everyone in Super Junior had grown up together in SM, but to Ryeowook, everyone was a stranger. Everyone was nice to him, of course, in their own way, But Ryeowook couldn’t help feeling somewhat overwhelmed, afraid, homesick...

Yesung saw this. He saw Ryeowook struggling to adjust, find his place in the group, and be accepted. Without saying two words, Yesung took Ryeowook under his wing, showing him the ropes and making sure Ryeowook didn’t feel afraid or homesick.

It didn’t take long at all for everyone in Super Junior to love Ryeowook.

He was always so kind, so sincere, and so willing to do anything for anyone. And it soon became clear that, regardless of age, Ryeowook was the magnae of the group. He was the one that everyone wanted to protect.

It took even less time for Ryeowook to fall in love with Yesung.

That first day, when Yesung sat beside Ryeowook as the younger struggled not to appear upset, Yesung stayed by his side, quietly reassuring him that everything would work out fine. Even though Ryeowook wanted to debut and wanted to be a star, being away from home was frightening. Yesung sat beside Ryeowook and barely spoke, but just his presence made Ryeowook feel safe. That was when Ryeowook first fell in love with Yesung, even if he didn’t know it at the time.

I tried to erase you
But it wasn't something I could have done

It didn’t take too long for the more observant members to catch on. Heechul noticed first, and whispered it to Siwon, who looked horrified, then to Kibum, who looked indifferent (probably because he’d already figured it out), and finally Hankyung, who just looked confused.

“Yah!” Heechul exclaimed, “Someone needs to teach you Korean,” and then he stormed off in a huff, oblivious to Hankyung’s hurt expression. Siwon noticed and took Hankyung off and explained it all, and afterwards, they’d had a late night talk about the “sin” of being homosexual.

“It’s clear in the Bible that it’s wrong,” Siwon insisted, shifting uncomfortably in Hankyung’s desk chair.

Hankyung shook his head from where he was sitting across the room. “I think that love is love, regardless of gender.”

Siwon sighed a little, unsure of how to respond. “But… it’s a sin, Hyung.”

“I think if Yesung decides to love Ryeowook back, then… it’ll be okay. You'll see.”


The next to notice was Eeteuk, who found Ryeowook one night, staring sadly out the window, and felt it was his obligation to step up as Leader and help cheer up the little magnae.

“I think I’m in love,” Ryeowook finally admitted, as Eeteuk handed him a mug of hot cocoa.

Eeteuk looked only slightly surprised. “Well, whoever she is, I’m sure she-”

“I wish it was as easy as that,” Ryeowook responded softly, “And I want to forget that I feel this way.” And then he refused to say another word.

It only took a few days after that for Eeteuk to realize what was going on. He could tell easily from the way Ryeowook looked at Yesung, because that was the way Kangin was always looking at Eeteuk.

Eeteuk knew that look all too well.


Donghae found out because one day when he was digging around in their shared bedroom, trying to find a video he wanted to watch, he came across some wrinkled sheet music. It had Yesung’s name written across the top, and little hearts scribbled in the corner.

He looked at it curiously, flipping through the pages. It was a half-composed song, and it wasn't in Yesung's handwriting.

Then Eunhyuk walked in, and Donghae scrambled to hide the papers behind his back.

“What are you hiding?” Eunhyuk asked curiously, trying to peer around Donghae to see.

“Nothing!” Donghae exclaimed, “Except…” He hesitated, then slowly held out the papers. “I found this, and…”

Eunhyuk took them from him. “And…?”

“Whose handwriting is that?”


Shindong just knew. No one knew how he did, but he knew. It was obvious in the way he would distract Ryeowook whenever Yesung was giving too much attention to someone else.

"You just think you're right because you're pretty," Yesung teased Eeteuk one day, poking his dimple.

Eeteuk laughed, "I'm just right because I'm right."

"Maybe you know what you're talking about... you have been on this earth so many more years than the rest of us."

"Are you calling me old?" Eeteuk asked in mock horror.

Shindong was the first to notice Kangin glowering at Yesung, and Ryeowook watching quietly with an odd, hurt expression on his face. Shindong quickly distracted everyone with some silly jokes, and later took Ryeowook out for ice cream.


Sungmin was the last to find out, too distracted by pink shiny things and fluffy stuffed animals to be particularly observant.

“NO WAY!!!” Sungmin exclaimed, “REALLY????”

“SHHHH!!!” Donghae said, dragging Sungmin by the arm away from the crowded living room and into a nearby empty room, which happened to be the bathroom, and quickly shutting the door. “It’s a secret.”

Sungmin nodded solemnly. “I won’t tell a soul.”

“Okay,” Donghae said, “I just had to tell someone. But... I don’t want Ryeowook to know that we know. Or Yesung!”

“That would be bad,” Sungmin whispered loudly, giggling, "But I just can't believe that Ryeowook is in love with Yesung!!!!"

"But it's just our secret," Donghae said, grinning. "And Eunhyuk knows too. ...And Kangin. I accidently told him last night."

Kangin's lack of enthusiasm did nothing to cure Donghae's ache to tell someone.

"Oooookay," Sungmin responded very seriously, "Just us four."


So finally, everyone knew. Except Yesung, who still didn't have a clue.
Tags: !super junior, chap fic: hulu, length: chaptered, pairing: eeteuk x kangin, pairing: yesung x ryeowook, rating: pg

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